RK laundry is experienced in providing an efficient and high-quality commercial hotel laundry service from budget hotels to the medium size hotel in the Greater Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley for years. We are a privately owned business with a culture and dedication to service excellence. However, we also set the pace with the changing times, found ways to modernize our systems, make the work of our employees infinitely easier and ultimately improve even more on serving our customers’ needs.


To provide best-in-class, safe and efficient laundry room operations to our customers like nobody else by delivering superior quality and service. Patient customer service, strategic marketing, innovative technology, and superior cleanliness ensure that our clients’ needs are met around the clock.


To be recognized as a premium laundry provider in the market by providing the most organized, the cleanest wash and cost effective linen management to our value customers.


We promise to honor our commitments; verbal or written, in all our dealings with customers and suppliers.


We create friendly working atmosphere where employees feel safe and enjoy their jobs with a chance of advancement based on effort and hard work to continually strive to improve our level of performance by exceeding our customers’ service expectations.


We promise to continue extending a warm, friendly, enthusiastic and courteous attitude toward our customers and among ourselves.


We take great pride in our high quality hospitality linen service and we use only premium cleaning products, ECOLAB in our laundry operations room, including:
Eco-Star Builder
Ecostar Detergent
Ecostar Oxy Brite
Ecostar sour control
Laundry Destainer
Clearly Soft
We handle each load of laundry with care. Once it has been washed and dried, each item will be neatly folded AND TIE for delivery.


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